From beauty basics to headshots to auditions, this workshop will cover everything you need to know about makeup as an actor to take your personal branding to the next level. Here's how it will work:

Class #1: Makeup Basics - Saturday, November 14 @ 6 PM EST
In this class, students will learn essential basic makeup knowledge such as:
-How to determine what makeup products are best for each skin type
-How to properly shade match and apply complexion products
-How to avoid common mistakes like improper contouring, highlighting, eyeliner, etc.
-What brushes and tools are essential for every actor's makeup bag

Class #2: Headshot Makeup - Sunday, November 15 @ 3 PM EST
In this class, students will get a behind-the-camera look at all of Kaley's best kept secrets regarding:
-Makeup that photographs wells
-How to keep things natural while still looking polished
-The most up-to-date headshot trends
-How to change up your makeup look to achieve different "types" throughout the course of your shoot

Class #3: Audition Makeup - Saturday, November 21 @ 6 PM EST
In this class, Kaley will...
-Get really specific about how type, show, role, audition material, and song choice all play an important role in how you should approach your audition makeup
-Walk students through popular makeup looks throughout history so that students can honor the style and era of whatever show they're auditioning for 
-Walk students through how to honor a makeup look/style for an audition without it feeling like a costume

Class #4: Stage Makeup - Sunday, November 22 @ 3 PM EST
In this class, students will learn:
-How to accentuate features so they're visible from the back of the house
-How to honor the style and era of whatever show you're performing in
-Proper application techniques for long-lasting makeup
-How to choose the right makeup products for your performance so they last all show long

So, whether you know little to nothing about makeup and the thought of applying a full face for an audition really stresses you out, OR you're already a makeup maven and you just want to arm yourself with the tools to step up your personal branding, this class is for you! 

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