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ABOUT  kaley

Kaley is a freelance makeup artist and online creator. She loves using makeup to enhance natural beauty and highlight individuality, and believes makeup is for everyone. She grounds her work in inclusivity, and her content is a space for conversations and resources that challenge the confines of the beauty industry.


Based out of New York City, Kaley is also a performer and no stranger to the spotlight. This allows her to formulate the perfect combination of products and techniques for her clients in the theatre and TV/film industries. She is knowledgeable about the most up-to-date standards that determine grooming, styling, and headshot trends. 


Kaley uses only the industry’s top quality products that give you a stunningly radiant look, even through the highest resolution cameras. Whether you’re walking onto set or down the aisle, Kaley’s makeup looks will have you feeling naturally and flawlessly YOU.


Follow Kaley Were Beauty on Instagram and YouTube to access makeup tips and tricks, product reviews, and Kaley answering all your burning beauty questions.

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